Meet leads instantly by video call

VideoLead brings qualified leads directly from your website into your sales pipeline

Instant video call

Qualified leads

Seamless CRM integration

Connect with your customers instantly over video

Maintain sales momentum by enabling your customers to connect with you over video at the point they are looking to buy

Qualified leads

Highly qualified leads who want to understand your products right away

Seamless CRM connection

VideoLead connects to your existing CRM solutions: Salesforce, Hubspot and many more

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know to get started.

How do I get started?

To get started simply book a demo call with us by heading here. One of our sales representatives will walk you through how easy it is to install. Spoiler alert: it takes just a few minutes and we can help you.

How do I install VideoLead on my website?

It takes just a few minutes, VideoLead is a powered by widget type technology, if you are a non-techie that means it’s one line of code to add to a website. During the setup our team will be there to support.

If you are a developer, it’s all powered by Javascript. The widget inherits your page style and branding tone so it requires no customization. We make sure your page load times still run smoothly.

Are video calls both 1-way and 2-way video?

Yes, you can allow customers the option to choose a 1-way or 2-way video call by enabling or disabling the camera. Equally, you can remove the 2-way video so it is only you, the business showing their camera feed. This is our preferred setup.

How much does it cost?

VideoLead is priced by video minutes streamed per month. Book a call with one of our team to find out the exact price point. Here.

Do you connect leads to my existing sales / CRM tooling?

Yes, we connect to all of the popular CRM tooling including Salesforce, Hubspot, Zoho and many others. If we don’t support a CRM out of the box we can discuss supporting it via a custom integration on your behalf.

Does VideoLead connect to my sales calendar?

Yes, we connect to all of the major calendar tools including Calendly, Timify etc. As well as all of the popular CRM tools like Salesforce, Hubspot and Zoho.

What if there are no salespeople available for a call instantly?

Prospect leads will be directed to book a call for the future via the calendar booking experience connected to your chosen CRM tool.

How do you ensure only quality leads are connected via video?

All leads must fill out a questionnaire which is handled via an automated text chatbot. We have a template chat conversation you can follow or you can design the questions to ask and what the thresholds are.